Acquiring Firearms


Using and Acquiring a Rifle

Once you have obtained your licence, you are able to use the Club rifles or the rifles of other licence holders of the same category of approval as yourself. When you decide that you wish to become more competitively serious about the target sport that you have chosen, you might decide that it is time to purchase your own rifle through an Approved Firearms Dealer.

When shopping around to find a rifle that suits your budget, also seek the advice of experienced Club members who can guide you as to the most appropriate rifle for your needs. Storage of your new firearm must also be addressed at this point, and you may have to also purchase an 'approved' storage container or make arrangements for storage in an approved container such as the gun safe at your club.

Once you have decided on a rifle, the next step is to apply to the Firearms Registry for a "Permit to Acquire". Forms are available from the Registry. Once again a 'cooling off' period applies following lodgement of the application, but once you have received approval, you are able to complete the transaction. If you are intending to purchase a rifle from an existing Club member, the NSWRA is an Approved Firearms Dealer and can also assist you in following the correct process.