Safe Storage


Storage Requirements

The Firearms Act requires that a person who possesses a firearm shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure - "its safe keeping, and that it is not stolen or lost and that it does not come into the possession of a person who is not authorised to possess the firearm."

Under the Act, category A and B firearms must be stored in a locked receptacle of a type approved by the Commissioner. If the receptacle weighs less than 150kg when empty it must be fixed in position in order to prevent its easy removal. All ammunition must be stored in a separate locked container approved by the Commissioner.

The Commissioner recommends that the bolt or firing mechanism be removed or be fitted with a restraining device such as a trigger lock (it is a requirement of our SSRs that bolts must be REMOVED AT ALL TIMES except when on the firing mound and about to fire). When travelling, firearms must be carried in a locked container secured to the vehicle (locking in a car boot has been deemed adequate).